We “officially” became a couple on November 11th, which is, of course, the date of Angolan independence. Do you believe in signs? We do now! :)

We are Barbara, a dancer all her life with predominantly classical background, and Matej, who despite all his mother’s efforts during childhood discovered dance very late around 10 years ago through salsa.

Kizomba found its way into our lives in 2010 (thanks to Krista), and got us hooked in 2011 (thanks to Iris de Brito and Batuke festival). Since then, we have invested in hundreds of hours of training with the best instructors in the world.

We even dived, although briefly, into argentine tango, just to improve on the daily basis, identify the correlations in the close embrace and take advantage of the world-class instructors in our hometown. The almost scientific approach of Blaž and Andreja from BA Tango showed us the complexity of tango and introduced us to a new level of awareness in dance as well as teaching.

For years now, all our days of leave from our day jobs are dedicated to learning kizomba*.

There were many festivals and weekend workshops, but the only way to really learn in detail, are private classes and specialty courses, which have become our focus.

We have had many classes with almost all who mean something in the kizomba scene, all of them enriching our kizomba. However, we owe the most to Ricardo & Paula from Afrolatin Connection who gave the first strong structure to our dance and of course to Mestre Petchu & Vanessa. Together with their company Kilandukilu, they have taken our souls for good (during the regular and alumni courses for certified instructors of kizomba and semba in Lisbon) and we are forever grateful ...


With Kizomba.si we wish to share how dancing kizomba makes us feel. One step at a time, with rigorous attention to detail. Bring the willingness, and we will make you sweat until your kizomba is grounded, light and completely in tune with your partner.

We love to share, but do not be mistaken, the motivation is very selfish: we want to enjoy kizomba in Slovenia just as much as we do in the PALOP communities ;) Are you ready?

* And dancing throughout the night, of course, preferably in African clubs. Trust us, African clubs are where the magic happens ... ;)

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